Exercise TV is a Lifesaver!

Last night I was not feeling the hike to the gym, especially since the weather has been anything but friendly lately. But, I felt incredibly guilty for giving into that ice cream in the cafeteria and I knew I needed to do something. ExerciseTV yet again saved the day. At first, I clicked on the yoga videos, but I got bored after 10 minutes with all of the sun salutations and downward dogs. So I then moved on to Kendell Hogan, who is hilarious and makes working out actually fun. Normally I don’t consider this the greatest workout, but I didn’t have much energy to begin with so I went for it. Afterwards I gained a positive attitude, so much so that I ended up moving on to Cindy Whitmarsh for some quick abs  . Here’s where I got really crazy, after that my friends and I actually went on a midnight run…. indian drills, sprints across the soccer field included. Yes, I know it’s somewhat crazy, but the four of us decided that we are young, we are energetic, what are we waiting for? Plus, we look pretty darn legit running outside at night I must add. We’re all on different fitness levels at this point, but for us slower ones, we think it’s about the endurance and determination to keep going…not so much the initial speed.

So, all of you out there with a computer… check out ExerciseTV.com… they have about 150 free full-length workout videos, and they are inspiring and energizing… oh and did I mention free? : ) I was feeling really lazy and tired last night but after just one workout with Kendell Hogan I completely changed my attitude. I know how stressful a busy week is and the typical treadmill run or hike can get very boring after a while. So check it out! Also, after all of the hard work I ended up putting in last night, it is really making me think twice about eating ice cream again.. especially since I looked up the ingredients online and it contains 24% saturated fat… and yes, trans fat! EW! Ignorance really is bliss until you find the answers.

….Finally, after our run, we all discussed our goals.  I was looking at pictures of myself from back when I used to be a 3 sport athlete and I really do miss the energy and confidence I had. My friend John discussed how he wants to look like Ryan Reynolds (who doesn’t right?). Luckily I don’t have to lose a drastic amount (like the inspirational people on the Biggest Loser for example!) but I definitely have some pounds to get rid of. Thus, since I am passionate about nutrition, my fellow midnight runners convinced me that I should start regularly blogging again and even set up a Twitter account so that the four of us can stay motivated… and so that if I don’t put the work in myself I’ll feel hypocritical! Soooo…. Let’s get in the best shape of our lives! And don’t forget to check out ExerciseTV.com!! You’ll love the variety!

xoxo stay healthy and fit!

Bonne Santé!!




Team Sweat

It’s one thing to be an activist in a certain category, like food, and another to be a social justice activist in general. Jim Keady, the founder of Team Sweat, is a social justice activist who has traveled to Indonesia and beyond discovering first-hand the inhumane ways that Nike (as well as many other famous companies) treats their workers. While it may sound outdated, and many believe they don’t exist anymore, it is a fact that Nike still employs hard-labor workers to live on a dollar (yes, a dollar) everyday for the work they put in. Because Keady went to Indonesia along with a friend of his, and lived there for a month in the same conditions that real Nike workers have to live in every single day, he knows exactly what the reality of that paycheck means. Being forced to sleep in a bare room, on an uneven cement floor, on a thin mat, with no air conditioning, fist-sized cockroaches crawling over you at night, a sewer behind your shack that carries all the human waste from your area, and rats crawling through your toilet at night looking for food; Keady saw that they are anything but humane living conditions. Furthermore, the extra rubber they use for the shoes ends up being lit on fire in parks where children play, releasing extremely harmful carcinogens in the air, and causing many children to have severe respiratory problems. So, while these workers are struggling to survive on a dollar a day, what does life for Nike’s CEO look like?

The April 10, 2011 edition of the NY Times reported that Mr. Parker’s total compensation for fiscal year 2010 was $13,118,834.00.

If we divide that number by 365 days, that means that Mr. Parker averaged $35,942.00 in pay per day in 2010.

He was paid $35,942 per day and he never had to work a hot press or operate a sewing machine to meet the production targets.  He was paid $35,942 per day and he was never screamed at by his supervisors to meet the production targets.  He was paid $35,942 per day and he never had to throw his exhausted body on a thin mat on a cement floor after working a full shift, plus overtime, to meet the production targets. http://www.teamsweat.org/?cat=16

Those of you reading my blog are either interested in healthy, delicious recipes, or are interested in getting involved in the food revolution in America. My reason for writing this blog is to educate people on the injustices that I have learned about in the food industry in America, as well as using it as a valuable resource to educate people on justice issues in general. If you are still reading my blog, chances are you agree with my philosophy and passion for justice, whether that may be in the food we use to make ourselves the healthiest we can be, or whether it be for political reasons such as treating farmers and the earth well and increasing sustainability. But, considering that, as a very wealthy country, which makes an incredible impact on the world around us, and that we have the opportunity to vote everyday for what we support by our purchases, it is vital that we stand up for the things we think are wrong, no matter what the category.

If I only made 1 dollar a day, I could provide one ingredient on my blog, and wouldn’t be able to eat or drink anything for the rest of the day. It costs $2.48 of labor to create 1 pair of Air Jordans, which cost over $250.00 per pair in America. If Nike is charging that much for the pair of sneakers that only cost them a total of $16 to create (when you look into overhead, factory costs), think about the amount of profit they are making on that.

For workers in places like Indonesia, if they mess up, they are verbally abused, beaten, and forced into “sun drenching”, which is a punishment where they must go outside in the heat of the sun at 12pm, and bake in the sun as punishment, many have been killed for non-compliance, and if you want to go to the factories to investigate, you will be tracked down and beaten, much like Jim Keady experienced.

What’s more is that we are so incredibly lucky. I am lucky to have this blog, the education I have had, and the luxuries of living in a country where I can get a job, be paid fairly, and not be beaten or killed if I mess up. You who are reading this are priveleged to own some sort of electronic device that enables you to have access to information and resources that are unthinkable in other countries. Thus, you, like me, have a moral responsibility to speak up for those that do not have such blessings. You have the ability to use your gifts and prove to the world that you have inherent dignity and you can influence people with what makes you unique. Forget creativity, talent, enthusiasm, passion in a country like Indonesia, where manual labor is all they have and they don’t make near minimum wage.
When it comes down to it, the truth is that our purchasing power is extremely impactful. Just as you choose discretely which food to buy, you should also use discretion in which brands you buy. It’s not enough to stop with Fair Trade chocolate and organic milk. We must be aware of every part of our spending power that affects other people. Start by boycotting Nike. They have the biggest share in the sneakers, fitness market, and they have been using sweatshops for over 20 years to get to where they are today. Many other major companies, including: Ralph Lauren, Wal-Mart, JCPenney, Old Navy, Target, Reebok, Addidas, all employ sweatshops.

If you want to make a change, email mark.parker@nike.com personally, and tell him that you too would like Nike to become Fair Trade otherwise you will not buy Nike products anymore. You may be thinking that he has many email filters and doesn’t even read these emails, but Jim Keady gave us this email himself at a lecture today, and he converses directly with him through this address, and he knows that Parker receives them. Please also watch this video, so you can learn about Jim Keady’s pursuit for justice. He is an inspiration. If we get people talking about this very-much-alive issue, things will change. Already Cornell and the University of Wisconsin have gotten rid of their contracts with Nike because of student run organizations and have even caused Nike to give back much deserved money to sweatshop workers.

Thanks for reading!!!

Bonne sante,


Get Excited for National Food Day!

The First annual National Food Day is coming up this Monday< October 24th, and Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Team is collaborating on a project to get us Food Revolution Group members to excite people about eating real food. This is the first day ever that America is celebrating a national food day, and it is important that we take the time to reflect on how lucky we are to eat everyday. That means making good choices with our meals as well! Thus, here are some goals for the Food Day:

The Food Revolution encourages you to cook a fresh, seasonal meal from scratch, and then teach someone how to prepare it, step by step.

Get your friends and family together on Monday October 24th (or the weekend before) and create a meal together from fresh, wholesome and seasonal foods sourced locally.

Then – just as important – teach one person or a group of people how to make this meal themselves. By teaching just a few of your friends or even your own family how to make one meal you are helping to build a movement that says “yes” to good health through better food choices. And teaching someone else to cook is the fastest way to spread the Revolution.


Click on the link above for ideas about what to cook, and reasons why this is so important for the health of our nation!

Also, check out the Wilmington, DE Food Revolution page on facebook for some community updates!

Another note, since I’ve been away at school, I haven’t really had much access to food other than what the dining hall provides. I know you must all be salivating waiting for more recipes! I am going to try to come up with an affordable, college-style dish or treat within the next couple of weeks that you can all try on National Food Day, though! Iron Chef  and Chopped have inspired me with their ability to create fancy dishes with peculiar ingredients… let’s see if I can take on the challenge!