Nutrishus Episode 1: St. Patrick’s Day Feast

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Basil Pesto Chicken

You’ll need:


juice of 1/2 lemon

sea salt and pepper to taste

olive oil

basil and arugula

1 tbs balsamic vinegar

Pulse dry ingredients, add lemon juice and balsamic, gradually add olive oil while pulverizing.


Rosemary Roasted Potatoes

You’ll need:

Small or medium red roasted potatoes

olive oil, salt, chopped rosemary– about 1 stem

Dill Baby Carrots

You’ll need:

olive oil, salt, chopped dill– about 2 stems chopped and sprinkled

Chocolate Truffles

You’ll need:

1/4 cup cream (or whole milk) +1 tbs butter

6 oz dark chocolate chips

cocoa powder

In a double boiler (pot with about 2 inches thick boiling water, glass bowl on top) add chocolate chips and butter to glass dish. When chocolate starts melting add cream. Stir slowly until well incorporated, smooth. Cover, refrigerate about 2-3 hours, scoop out with melon-baller or teaspoon, roll into balls, cover in cocoa powder. Variation: chopped pistachios or coconut instead of cocoa powder, add 1 tsp vanilla, creme de menthe, grande marnier or balsamic after chocolate melts. Keep refrigerated.


Environmentally-Friendly Keurig Coffee

Tired of spending ridiculous amounts of money on K-cups? Tired of trying to find ways to recycle all of them? What about if you could save tons of money on coffee and help the environment at the same time? My favorite newest invention is the EkoBrew reusable K cup. It has a filter and fits perfectly in your Keurig. All you need to do is fill it up with your favorite ground coffee beans and you have an instant, delicious cup of coffee ready to enjoy. I also love it because while Keurig sells a wide variety of coffee, when I want to try something different that they don’t carry it in K cups. Now, I can buy any kind of ground coffee and it works perfectly!

Watch this video, I think it’s pretty good.

The best part?? It’s only $11.99 on Amazon and you can reuse it time and time again!

Say goodbye to wasting all that plastic, paper, and money— and drink up whichever flavors you desire!


Have You Signed Jamie’s Petition Yet?

This is delicious local produce I got from a farm 10 minutes away from my house this summer. Heirloom tomatoes, blueberries, corn, fresh tender lettuce, donut peaches, hummus, avocados, bell pepper, garlic. Google-search for farm stands near you! Some actually deliver monthly produce to your doorstep!

Sign here:

Why it’s important: There is a growing health epidemic in our country. We have higher obesity rates and the death rate in this country is largely due to our diets. It’s a fact. By signing the petition you are showing lawmakers that you are tired of the junk the FDA and government is currently allowing in our foods. Did you know that in France, Germany and Spain for example, it is ILLEGAL to even GROW Genetically Modified Foods in their countries? They also have trade barriers where unless the food is certified non-GMO, they will not buy it from the US because they believe so strongly that it wreaks havoc not only on the environment where the GMOs are produced, but also on people’s health. The statistics don’t lie. Furthermore, you’ll be supporting healthier lunches for school cafeterias. Recently a law was passed by Congress that stated that because of the tomato paste in pizza, it can be called a vegetable and thus is allowed in lunches. What does this tell the youth of America? What does this mean for the future? We can help prevent this by speaking up for real food– fruits, vegetables, protein, grains, whole dairy.

How it makes a difference: America will be healthier, smarter, and happier for it. Education is key in changing the world. Jamie Oliver went to Huntington, WV and educated students about what they are eating. Most of the class didn’t recognize what a potato was when he asked them. When Jamie lifted up a french fry though, they all raised their hands. This should make you feel a little bit emotional, as it is a true reality, and it can be so easily prevented.

Why does it matter to you? Because you are a person who can make a difference. I encourage you to try this 10 day pledge for real food, via out and see how you feel. It’s just 10 days, but I guarantee it will give you a glimpse into the reality which is that this country consumes an enormous amount of processed food without realizing it. Depending on where you are at in your diet, it will be hard in the beginning, but if you’re like me and my family, after day 10 you will feel so good that you’ll want to continue it. And when you’re finished the challenge you’ll implement it in your everyday life. Here are The rules.  And here’s the pledge. When you sign up and commit to doing it for 10 days you get a free wristband to show your success!! Who doesn’t want that?!

What do you do moving forward? With every purchase you make at the grocery store, you are voting for organic or non-organic food. The more we demand it, the more farmers will grow it. Help stop the power of Monsanto, who currently controls approximately 90% of all corn, soybeans grown in this country, all of which is Genetically Modified whether we realize it or not. The government and FDA do not require you to label foods as GMO. How do you guarantee what you’re eating is not genetically modified, preservative, pesticide- rich food?–by buying Organic! There are approx 49,000 foods in our grocery stores that are man-made foods. This means Cheez-its, Lucky Charms, Oreos, but also food that you wouldn’t realize– like junk food disguised as health food. Avoid “low fat” or “lite” foods like Yoplait yogurt, ultra processed breads. You’ll feel better and might even be happier!

Lastly, I know it is difficult, but if we commit and see how small changes and choices we make everyday can become everyday changes in our lives, we will live longer and be happier! You’ll soon believe that there’s nothing like the feeling you get from a long run on the beach, or a good yoga session, or the taste of a delicious fresh tender arugula salad with vine-ripened tomatoes, chevre, walnuts, and apples. Even a tall glass of water with cucumber. Start out making small, simple steps– like buying organic sandwich cookies instead of the Oreos in your grocery store which are full of partially hydrogenated oils (that raise your bad cholesterol and lower your good cholesterol! and are trans fats in disguise). Instead of buying margarine go for the real stuff– actual butter and eat that in moderation. Instead of fat free skim milk which is ultra-processed, get local WHOLE milk. When they remove the fat, they remove the enzymes that allow your body to break down lactose (the natural sugar in milk) and they remove essential nutrients that allow you to absorb calcium and Vitamin D in your bones. When you switch to non or mildly processed foods your decisions will be more like deciding to buy dark chocolate almonds instead of milk chocolate as a treat! Because you won’t like the way you feel from those sandwich cookies anymore.

I am confident that with education and trial, we can change America’s minds about food. Help Jamie Oliver do that by signing his petition and join the countless others who believe in him and his movement!

: )

Bonne Santé et Bon Appétit!!



Story by The Food Revolution Team
The Fraction of Cancer Attributable to Lifestyle & Environmental Factors

A recent study has revealed that each year nearly half of the cancers in the UK alone are caused by avoidable life choices including diet, overweight and obesity (1).

According to the World Cancer Research Fund, a third of the most common cancers could be prevented by eating a healthy diet, maintaining a healthy weight and being regularly physically active(2). While tobacco is the biggest culprit of preventable cancers, the second biggest in both men and women are directly related to diet and obesity. For men, it’s lack of fresh fruit and vegetables whereas for women it is obesity (1).

Obesity and lack of fruit and vegetables can impact health and increase risk of different cancers. While nearly a 10th of the risk for breast cancer comes from being overweight or obese, which far outweighs the impact of breastfeeding or alcohol intake, half the risk of esophageal or gullet cancer, comes from eating too little fruit and veg (1).

While this is a study carried out in the UK, it’s outcomes affect many more countries, including America which is in the top 10 countries in terms of cancer frequency per country (3), and where according to the CDC, about one-third of US adults (33.8%) are overweight or obese, putting them at a higher risk for cancer(4). Additionally, approximately 17% (12.5 million) of US children and adolescents aged 2-19 years are also obese (4), and it has been reported that US teens do not eat enough fruit and veg (5).

Full Study here Cancer Research UK.