Robert Louis Stevenson’s Rules for Happiness

I’m a big fan of quotes, writing in general. Here’s a great list of the “Rules of Happiness” that my aunt sent me! Wise words.

  • Make up your own mind to be happy and find pleasure in simple things

  • Make the best of circumstances and reality 

  • Don’t take yourself too seriously. The same misfortune that befalls others may befall you, but don’t worry about it. 

  • You can’t and won’t please everybody, so don’t let criticism worry you.

  • Don’t let your neighbor or friend set your standards. Be yourself and walk tall.

  • Do things to enjoy, but be sure you can afford them– stay out of debt.

  • Never seek trouble, imaginary troubles are harder to bear than real ones. 

  • Hate poisons the soul, so try not to be jealous or hold grudges.

  • Try to have many interests. For example, if you can’t travel, you can read about new places and dream. Or you can learn about new things and try them.

  • Don’t hold postmortem– those “if I had only”. Don’t spend good time brooding over mistakes or misfortunes. Change them.

  • Do whatever little thing for someone less fortunate than yourself or who needs a helping hand. 

  • Keep busy each and every day at something– a busy person never has time to be unhappy. 

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 6.44.01 PM

And here’s a jazzy, great pic of nectarines, freshly picked from the trees today.

And some apples…..


Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 6.47.30 PM

And in honor of the apples, here’s a great song….


Bonne sante y’all 🙂



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