Nutrishus Homemade KIND Bars (GF)

Good Tuesday morning people of the world! I hope you’ve enjoyed the long weekend.

I’m typing this with a sprained finger, so I’ll have to keep it short and sweet- literally…because let me tell you these bars are freaking sweeeet! (as in cool, but also… like ..sweet beca… you get it.)

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 10.02.09 AM

Last week I decided to experiment with homemade KIND bars because I just love KIND bars but do not enjoy wasting extra dollars to buy them. Thus I ventured to create my own homemade, using ingredients we already had in our endless Mary Poppins pantry.

Here’s what I came up with, and I’m sure you will agree they are quite outrageously delicious. Full disclosure, this recipe is all estimates because I didn’t recipe test specifically and was so full of glee after tasting them that I didn’t go back and pinpoint exact measurements of the ingredients. I’m sure I’ll be making them again soon though so I can get the exact rundown. I know some of you have been drooling in anticipation though so I will do my best.

 ‘Nutrishus and Kind’ Bars (name is in progress hahah)

  • 1 pack Trader Joe’s Raw  Unsalted Almonds (which I roasted on a baking sheet in the oven at 350 deg F for 10 mins) (you can use already roasted almonds too)
  • 2 handfuls TJ’s turbinado sugar/dark chocolate/sea salt covered almonds
  • 1.5 cups roasted peanuts
  • 1/2 bag of TJ’s Omega Trail Mix (aka cranberries, pumpkin seeds, pecans, walnuts, pistachios)
  • 1 tsp sea salt (use more or less depending on whether or not you’re working with salted nuts)
  • 2 tbs almond meal (aka pulverized almonds that create a flour-like texture)
  • dark chocolate chunks (for spreading on after)

In a medium size sauce pan over medium-low heat mix the following:

  • 1 1/2 cups raw local honey
  • 1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 3 tbs coconut oil (I had to use olive oil [still good] since I am out of coconut oil, but you want to use coconut as it works better at high temperatures)

In a mixing bowl combine the dry ingredients with the wet (minus the dark chocolate chunks– leave them until the end). On a nonstick cookie sheet spread the mixture evenly, making sure pieces are very tight together– if you need a smaller sheet go for it– it makes for better bars in the long run that you can just cut and eat.  Bake in oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 10-14 minutes. Remove from oven, sprinkle dark chocolate chunks on top, and if you are in the mood for extra sea salt, sprinkle some more on top as well. Let cool. Cut into bars, or, if you forgot to spray the sheet like me, scoop out into circular shapes like this 🙂

For storage, wrap in plastic wrap and cover that with foil. YUM. satisfying, healthy, saving you some moohlah, what more could you ask for?

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 10.02.20 AM

As always, bon appétit et bonne santé.



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