Nutrishus(R) is the brainchild of Trish Doheny, food blogger, line cook, chef enthusiast, lover of all things FOOD.

It all started in 8th grade, when after seeing a science fair project about the effect of soda on the body she was totally grossed out.

“I have always found health and nutrition fascinating but my personal food revolution really started in 8th grade after I saw a science fair project about the effect of soda on the body. The science fair project entailed taking two raw steaks and submerging one in water and the other in Coke for a month. The one with the Coke was porous because the acids and sugar ate away at it and the one with the water was a little moldy, that’s it.

As simple as it was, it really stuck with me, because it made me think “If that’s what it does to raw meat, what is it doing to the inside of my body?””

In eighth grade Trish was on 3 sports teams that demanded a healthy lifestyle and she decided to use what she was beginning to learn about nutrition and apply it to her eating habits. We reflected with her to get to the bottom of her inspiration:

My first step was completely cutting out soda and fast food from my life and that was enough for me to realize nutrition is a very powerful tool and it is worth pursuing.

That pursuit led to me joining groups dedicated to health, like No Heart Left Behind in Wilmington, DE with Christiana Care Health System cardiac surgeon Dr. Kathleen McNicholas and more recently administrating a group with Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution inWilmington, DE.  It is more difficult now that I am in college but I make do with what is available and speak up for change and it really  does pay off.

Q: What’s the number one reason you started Nutrishus?

The more I investigated, the more upset I became with what is considered ‘acceptable’ in America. After reading Michael Pollan’s book In Defense of Food I saw just how oblivious we are to what is in our grocery stores. Labels like “low fat” “low sodium” “whole grain” etc make you think something is healthy and then you overlook the ingredients in the food that can do you harm. People so often blindly reach for food in stores because of brilliant marketing campaigns that make you think something is healthy when it is not. These companies have so much power and don’t always truly care about your health, they’re just looking for an extra profit. Instead of choosing foods with a lot of labels, like “low fat” “zero grams trans fat” etc choose foods that you know are low in fat naturally, like real, whole foods. Switch to good fats, like avocados. READ labels.  

Q: Wow, you’re really passionate about this. Can you elaborate on that a bit more?

Yes. Pollan talks a lot about the misconceptions we have with nutrients that we need to sustain our health, such as fat, which has gotten a bad rep lately. We need fat to survive, we’re just choosing it from the wrong sources. As far as preservatives, additives, hormones, GMOs, etc: all I can say is that when you start investigating, like I have been for about eight years now, you’ll begin questioning the system too.

Q: Why do you eat so healthy? Why wouldn’t you want to live your life eating what you want?”

I feel better when I eat healthy food. I am more energized, focus better, feel better, and I am confident that I am nourishing my body with vital nutrients that will prevent health problems in the future, which is important to me. When I fall off track I just don’t feel good.

Q: Do you ever have cheat days?

Of course, as true with many people, I have a sweet tooth, but when I give in to sweet treats I choose natural versions of them. Instead of eating something like an Oreo I choose a natural milk chocolate bar because I know what I am eating. We are not made of chemicals, why would we want them polluting our systems? It just makes sense to eat natural.

To close, what else can you tell us?
I know some of the main reasons people don’t choose to eat natural are price and convenience. I am going to try to prove that it is affordable, and I want to try and inspire others to change the system in America so that we can make health food more readily available. We deserve it, and if we demand it the farmers will supply it.
I am very passionate about nutrition and I absolutely adore cooking so I decided to create this blog to share some of the recipes, inspirations, and stories I have on my journey so you too can live an all natural, happy and healthy life no matter where you go!

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(c) 2013 Patricia Doheny

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