Day 13

homemade almond butter

day 13:

The good news: I woke up this morning and I’ve officially lost 4 1/2 pounds on this very limited sugar/no sugar plan! One little mistake though– As you’ll see, after dinner though I ate a chocolate bar today! I’m not going to be overly upset with myself though. We’re humans right? Nobody’s perfect.. tomorrow’s another day! : ) This may call for some cardio bootcamp/yoga in my room though.. just to be sure I stay on track.


  • 2 scrambled cage free, hormone & antibiotic-free organic eggs
  • iced cafe latte w/cinnamon


  • pumpernickel bagel w/ avocado, swiss, tomato, spinach


  • almonds, cheddar cheese slices, handful of steamed green beans, water


  • “Amazing Roll” sushi (crunchy lobster, lobster salad, tuna, avocado, drizzled w/ special mango sauce, brown rice)

after dinner

  • 1 chocolate magnum ice cream bar– (treat! yikes– no more EWIW days for me for a while!) 29g of sugar sickens me. You can really tell the difference when you don’t eat it regularly!




Day 9 Checklist

To give an update on how I am feeling being sugar free, I must say I really am enjoying the clarity of mind I have. Despite my lack of sleep, I am much more able to complete everyday tasks without losing energy quickly. This is in part due to my coffee drinking habits, which have recently been a little unlike me. Besides that though, even when I didn’t drink coffee over these past 9 days, I have been much more energized. I digress…

I did some research, and it appears that what I was experiencing the other day must have been similar to “reactive non-diabetic hypoglycemia” which occurs 2-4 hours after a meal when blood sugar levels are low. I’m not a doctor, so I really can’t diagnose myself, although their suggestions do hold a fair amount of credibility based on my experience. I haven’t felt that nauseous since I’ve been paying better attention to eating on time. I have been keeping foods in my backpack just to be sure. One thing it suggests though, is that you should stay away from coffee, tea, other caffeine sources. Soooo.. I might have to give up my newest addiction. As you’ll see from today’s post though, that hasn’t happened yet..

For breakfast: (bad! didn’t eat enough) 1/2 whole wheat bagel on the go with butter, iced coffee w cream. (I have formed an addiction to coffee now! it’s kinda bad– but for now it’s a good distraction from sugar)

lunch: vegetable soup with the usual: plate of spinach, broccoli, kidney beans all cooked in pan with the soup, sprinkled feta on top. 2 pieces of mini gluten-free multigrain bread

snack: green bean crisps. Cereal (Kashi-3g sugar high fiber) with coconut milk (good source of B12)

Dinner: soup again…. this time just with beans and feta (no added veggies)

studying snacks: iced coffee… almonds…. green beans.

Not my best day, but still pretty good I suppose! It is soooo incredibly difficult to find options in the cafeteria that are sugar-free! You don’t realize until you cut it out of your diet how many places that fructose is hiding! Cakes, cookies, ice cream are obvious– but also barbeque sauce, chicken dishes (which I don’t eat anyway because I’m a flexitarian here and don’t trust the meat here), bread, asian cuisine, etc etc.

I hope you’re finding these daily checklists useful in some way. My purpose in writing them is to give all of you out there thinking of quitting sugar (or in the process like me) an example of how to make it work, my feelings, and some tips for those with limited food options. Over the month of December I will be cooking up a storm to come up with recipes for a new segment on my site “Dormet” which will allow viewers who are in College or living in a small environment, like an apartment, to cook delicious, nutritious meals. I will include meals that include meat too–so don’t worry if you’re not a vegetarian! As always, feel free to comment and leave suggestions on different dishes you’d like to see.

Also, coming this Thanksgiving, I will be trying out some vegetarian dishes and sugar-free desserts. Let’s see if they taste as good as they are for your health!!

bonne sante,


Day 7 & 8 Checklist


I slept in late so I woke up and had a late breakfast…and then an even later lunch/dinner.

  • greek yogurt with cinnamon, coconut water
  • vegetarian chili for late lunch/dinner (Trader Joe’s brand with tofu, beans, tomatoes, spices, etc. really delicious I must say!)
  •  ak-mok whole grain whole wheat sesame crackers
  •  whole milk
  • almonds
  • iced coffee
  • smartfood popcorn in the library
  • 20 minute cardio video

Now that I look back at it, it doesn’t seem like I ate that much really, but I was very full! Not a very vegetable-full day yesterday.


  • breakfast: greek yogurt with cinnamon, coconut water
  • lunch: a nice big bowl of creamy potato soup with added spinach, broccoli, carrots, kidney beans that I heated up in a pan with the soup. Sprinkled feta on top. + 2 pieces of multigrain bread (gluten free, sugar free). Water. Hazelnut Iced Coffee with half and half (no sugar).
  • dinner: vegetarian chili… with trader joe’s multigrain pilaf
  • studying snack: coconut water, almonds, dried green bean crisp things (trader joe’s… very weird! but i like them)

Day 6 continued

Almonds. Multigrain Pilaf (soybeans, tomatoes, whole grain millet, cracked wheat, chilies, onions, and spices) I believe it costs $2.99 from Trader Joe’s. It’s microwavable in 2 minutes and makes a great side dish to any meal! DELICIOUS. Later on I had coconut water, greek yogurt with cinnamon and some crackers.

Day 5 No Sugar & 1/2 of Day 6

Day 5 was technically yesterday, so I am writing a quick post about it today. I felt much better yesterday than the day before. I think one of the biggest reasons I felt light-headed and nauseous on Day 4 was because I only had 2 pieces of bread for dinner and a LOT of coffee. Thus, I didn’t realize that I was hungry and my blood sugar levels must have been out of whack. So, on Day 5, I decided not to drink any coffee or green tea to make sure that I’d sleep well and would pay better attention to what I was eating. It worked!

Breakfast: 1 cup of oatmeal with 1 tsp cinnamon

Lunch: 1 greek yogurt (2% Fage) with one 14oz bottle of coconut water (Zico brand), and 1 odwalla nourishing food bar (Chocolate/Peanut)– it actually had 15g total sugar, but as I mentioned in my last post it doesn’t have refined sugars (only brown rice syrup) and I am weening myself off of sugar this week–because i’ve noticed it’s probably not good for my body’s insulin levels to go cold turkey.

Between meals: lots and lots of water! Also, my Accounting professor always passes around a bowl of candy– none for me thanks! : )

Dinner: Chef’s Table. I had a mixture of everything: kale salad, seafood, barley grains, greek salad (veggies and feta), curried couscous, 1 slice of a beet, and “perfect protein” mini salad. It sounds like a lot, but it all fit into one of those boxes (like the ones you’d find at the food court section of Whole Foods). More water.

After dinner: 1 greek yogurt w/ a handful of Kashi Go Lean cereal (6g of sugar per serving), 1 tbs almond butter. 1 cup of whole milk with sprinkled cinnamon and a couple sprinkles of coffee granules (great flavor– minimal caffeine!) And lots of sparkling water (0g sugar, merely has raspberry lime essence– I like Trader Joe’s brand or Poland Springs Sparkling Spring water: it was on sale!).

I was able to sleep much better last night and woke up late this morning. I truly cannot believe how clear-headed I feel. It’s really amazing. And the simple rule that you should replace sugar with fat might scare people, but it really does work. When I say that I woke up this morning, Day 6, and I’ve lost 3 1/2 pounds already, I’m not joking. (And this is from weighing myself at the same time in the morning every day). Keep in mind though that this might be a mixture of me walking all over campus AND eating healthy, so don’t get discouraged if you haven’t noticed a weight difference as quickly as I have.

I can tell the biggest difference in my face– it has lost a lot of that puffiness you get from eating sugar, and my complexion is so much clearer, smoother. My eyes don’t appear as tired. Another thing I have noticed is that I am much calmer. I am not moving from one thing to the next impetuously, my energy levels don’t seem like they’re on a roller-coaster ride.

For breakfast today, I ate: grilled potatoes, 1 serving of scrambled eggs, and 1 scoop of cottage cheese (probably about 1/2 cup) from the dining hall. Not very “green” because I wasn’t in the mood for veggies at breakfast time, but I got a good amount of protein, calcium, and magnesium (from the potatoes) in. Also, of course, I had water. Water is key! And an iced coffee this morning…  : )

Amazing the benefits of nutrition!



Day 4 No Sugar

I felt good this morning and throughout the day. I had the usual greek yogurt and green tea for breakfast quickly before class. For lunch I had two pieces of multigrain/gluten-free/sugar free bread with butter and a nice bowl of spicy corn soup jam-packed with veggies and beans (kidney beans, spinach, broccoli, artichokes) and feta. Between lunch and dinner I had some almonds and cashews. Dinner was really lame though. Since I had work I grabbed some gluten free bread with a tbs butter, and some mashed potatoes for the road. Not very appealing, I know. And to be honest, I completely felt like crap around 7pm tonight. I was sitting down in my chair at work and stood up and felt extremely light-headed. Sooo I ate a spoonful of cottage cheese in the breakroom only to realize it was disgusting cottage cheese and drank some water. Then I proceeded to eat a piece of pizza (convincing myself it must have minimal sugar…) and later an Odwalla Peanut Chocolate Chip bar– which claimed to have “no refined sugars” and only organic oats, brown rice syrup, etc. Since I am technically supposed to be weening myself off sugar slowly and this is my first week, I should be able to eat both of these foods, but I told myself I am going cold turkey. (Maybe that’s the problem though.) So anyways, in order to not pass out (which I actually completely thought was a possibility) that’s why I gave in to the bar and pizza. I still felt like crap though. Here I am now, back in my room, reading the ebook again, and it says:

“Some of you, around about now, will feel like crap. You will be nauseous, dizzy, constipated, have aching kidneys and joints… you’re withdrawing and detoxing. This is normal. Truly. And it’s a good sign. Your body is ejecting toxins from your fat cells and they’re swirling around your system on their way out. But they’re definitely on their way out!”

Luckily I only feel nauseous and dizzy…hah. She suggests drinking tea, taking teaspoon of cinnamon, getting magnesium and calcium. Thus, like Sarah Wilson suggested, I drank some coconut water. (Maybe I felt dizzy from no potassium?) I felt a little better. Then I had a small cup of whole milk sprinkled with a teaspoon (yes, a teaspoon) of cinnamon. Cinnamon is known to be good for balancing blood sugar levels. This is what really did it for me, now I feel better. Since I feel like I didn’t get enough veggies today, I’m going to have some Amy’s Organic Vegetable soup, take a vitamin C chewable, and then it’s off to bed early tonight and see how I feel tomorrow.

I don’t mean to freak you all out by my feeling so nauseous! I think it’s a host of reasons– one being that I am exhausted (from sleep deprivation) in general, and two is definitely the no sugar thing. But, I thought I’d give you a sincere update on what I’m going through. Detoxing is not easy. It’s a challenge. But I’m confident it will be worth it in the end. And if done the smart way, it’ll be successful. I need to make sure I’m covering all the bases of nutrients.



Day 2: A Quick Update

Yesterday between meals it seemed like I was starving constantly. Sarah Wilson suggests that snacking is good for detoxing from sugar because your body is trying to get back to its natural balance. I found that almonds made me almost more hungry, but that when I got to eat avocado and some whole milk they filled me right up…gotta go with the fat AND protein!

Today though I was a lot less hungry. 2% fat greek Fage greek yogurt with some whole grain cereal (no sugar added) for breakfast before class.

Lunch was minestrone soup with vegetables I added. We have a stirfry section in our cafeteria so I put some olive oil, a bowl full of baby spinach, kidney beans, broccoli in frying pan until the leaves wilted and the broccoli softened. Then I added the minestrone soup (carrots, veg broth, pasta, spices, beans) to the pan and added some crumbled feta on top. It looked like a lot, but it fit in the small bowl I had, and filled me up super quickly! Very delicious and full of flavor. It kept me surprisingly full until Dinner– when boring as I am today, I had the same thing again!  I just got hungry right now though, so it’s a snack of “Mary’s Gone Crackers” vegan/gluten free/whole grain/organic crackers… very tasty surprisingly… with hummus for me! Also, Yogi green tea.

Feeling pretty clear minded today… no headache like yesterday. Iced coffee is my friend! I’ve found that when I get a chance to look at chocolate and other sweets I feel surprisingly powerful and I don’t feel the need to eat them.

I must say though, watching “The Chew” yesterday in between classes really made me a little bit sad. What are the odds I turn on the TV and it happens to be the Chocolate Special on that show?!?! They even had a fountain with strawberries, rice krispies, pretzels, even bacon… and boxed chocolate truffles and cremes.. my favorites! I think one of the hardest things for me is that I love cooking so much, and experimenting with different tastes. Maybe I should stay away from food shows for a bit.

Bottom line for me though, my biggest battle is if I get a little bit of the taste then I feel like I need more. When I stay away from it altogether I don’t yearn for it so much. I’m not the type of person who can have just one piece of chocolate and not want more. If I was, I wouldn’t be writing about this right now! Tweet me with your thoughts! @nutrishus8 or send a message to my facebook group for the Wilmington, DE Food Revolution or NuTrishus!

xox Cheers to self control!