Michael Pollan 

Read this article:  NY Times Unhappy Meals to give you some perspective on his take on nutrition. 

If you haven’t read “In Defense of Food” yet, walk away from the computer, drive to your nearest bookstore, and curl up with it for the rest of the day. Before I came across that gem I was just as confused as most of America is today about what “real food” actually is. Pollan changed my life and my perspective and he will change yours too. Other awesome books by him include  “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” and his most recent gem, “Cooked”.  

His motto: Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.

Twitter: @MichaelPollan


Jamie Oliver

Chef and trailblazer Jamie Oliver is my idol. Upset with the growing statistics about diet-related disease, an abominable amount of processed food and lack of education about food, he has set sail to educate and inspire people not only to know what’s in their food, but to enjoy what they’re eating! I highly encourage you to check out the  Jamie Oliver Food Revolution . I am an ambassador for the organization and it continues to progress.

Food Revolution Day happens once a year, but there is always work going on, GLOBALLY for the organization.

Twitter: @jamieoliver @foodrevolution

Websites:  &

TED talk:


This chick knows what she’s doing, and isn’t afraid to shake things up to get to the bottom of the deception that sometimes goes on with major food companies. From single-handedly getting Chipotle to hand over their ingredients to teaching us why we should switch to primal pit paste, Vani Hari is “hot on the trail” to investigate what’s really going on, and inspires all of us to glow in the process!

Twitter: @thefoodbabe




The Leake Family has set up inspiring challenges to help people eliminate processed food from their lives in the hope that in 10 days they’ll begin to physically realize the benefits. Lisa Leake provides great real food recipes and investigative reporting on the latest chemical and additive concerns in consumer goods.



Dan Buettner 

watch his TED talk on the secret to longevity. Buettner talks about Blue Zones, areas where people live to be

the longest.


TED talk:

Mark Bittman

is the wonderful author of my FAVORITE cookbook (sorry Julia!) “How to Cook Everything” and “Food Matters”

and he frequently writes for the New York Times. He’s a fantastic cook and really cares about the politics of food.

Jeffrey M. Smith  

Has provided extensive research on GMOs, genetically modified food, and his research is startling for many reasons. A passionate advocate of the REAL food lifestyle, he’s one you’ll want to check out.



Heidi Swanson

Heidi Swanson is the author of Super Natural Everyday. She absolutely rocks, and her blog is what pushed me to write my own! Her photography is beautiful and her recipes are smart, creative, and delicious. A foodie’s dream, to put it briefly.



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